Become a Morning Exerciser!

WRITTEN BY  Ana Patrícia- 04 October 2012

Wake Up and Work Out in the Mornings!

It may seem impossible, but you can do it!

I can't even count the number of times, the number of evenings, that I've told myself, "Okay. Tomorrow, I will wake up early and exercise before going to work!" I can count the number of times that ever happened in my lifetime: three. Three morning run sessions within the same week...

What if I told you that the seemingly impossible task of waking up in the morning to get your daily workout was actually possible? Shape Magazine has shared their 7 Steps to Becoming a Morning Exerciser that will transform what seems to be the monumental task of moving with vigor and energy first thing in the morning something that can be accomplished, easily!

Don't let your only morning crunches be your efforts to press the snooze button a few times! I now have much higher hopes that the next time I aspire to wake up early for a workout, it will happen!

5 Positive Ways to Start the Day!

WRITTEN BY  Ana Patrícia- 17 September 2012

It's Motivation Monday! Start the Day Right!

Wake up on the right side of the bed with Webber Naturals

Happy Monday folks! Yes, it's shocking but the words "happy" and "Monday" can coexist peacefully in the same sentence. It's the start of another work week; alarms beeping, rushing, sitting at a desk, staring at the computer screen...

I know mine does! And then that general feeling of sluggishness and yearning for a day off carries over into breakfast and my closet perusing until finally, I've moved so slowly that I have to rush around like a maniac to get to work on time!

Mind Body Green shares 5 Positive Ways to Start Your Day that will keep you happy and motivated!

Webber Naturals' Posts from the Past

WRITTEN BY  Ana Patrícia- 07 September 2012

Looking for some good and informative reads?

Read on for eight webber naturals archival gems!

It's the weekend and we've got some great Webber Naturals posts from the past. With articles and tips being published everyday, it's easy for useful information to get buried in the archives. I did some digging and I've decided it's time for us to put on our glasses and brush up on our health facts! Here are eight informative posts that will keep you in the know:

I love to sleep. Fortunately for me, it's an extremely important part of our lives. Unfortunately, I, like so many others, probably do not get enough Zzz's every night. Read The Importance of Sleep for a fabulous infographic and learn why sleep is so valuable!

Feeling stressed? Deep Breath, and Relax... Breathing for healing: how the right breathing method can help you heal.

Busy schedules call for innovative fitness! Margaret Peters worked her journalistic muscle and shares how you can squeeze a workout into your day: Get Fit in a Flash? 20 Second Fitness

Coffee drinkers rejoice! There may be more to coffee than just keeping you awake! Find out in Woohoo! Coffee's Good for You!

With new TV show seasons starting up again this week after the summer hiatus, you may see more of actress and Vampire Diaries star, Nina Dobrev. I don't know about you, but every time I see her, I wish I had her flawless skin! Read Get Skin Like Nina Dobrev's with Webber Naturals and find out how you can get the Photoshop finish naturally!

That said, ladies, we will most likely still be using makeup. Know what not to put on your face. I'm Talking Toxin-free Makeup, Webber Naturals' tips for healthy skin, inside and out!

Gentlemen, I haven't forgotten you, sirs. We know life keeps you busy and you could use some quick and concise information to keep you healthy. Webber Naturals expert, Dr. Stephanie Rubino, has shared her Essential Health Tips for Men on the Go: Part 1 and Essential Health Tips for Men on the Go: Part 2!