Talking Toxin-free Makeup - Webber Naturals

WRITTEN BY  Ana Patrícia- 28 July 2011

Webber Naturals' tips for healthy skin, inside and out!

Ladies, listen up! Take care of your skin, inside and out! I'm talking about toxin-free makeup.

On Monday I talked about Nina Dobrev's skin and the fantastic five of the vitamin world that would help us achieve that flawless, celebrity-esque airbrushed perfection from the inside out. But let's face it ladies, the vitamin route is only one aspect of skin care. It won't cover up the spot that always seems to pop up right before a date! If we want immediate results, we turn to our toolbox: the makeup kit.

For most of us, putting on makeup has become a daily routine, and what goes onto our body is just as important as what goes into our body. With the world trying to move towards a greener, healthier future, it can be suprisingly tricky to find makeup products that are toxin-free and sustainable. My guess is that most products for sale will never make it into the autopsy report as cause of death but, we do only get one skin and it's definitely worth taking care of!

Toxins to Avoid

Look for products without the infamous parabens - controversial preservatives that have been linked to cancer (not fun). However, in small amounts, parabens are not considered a risk. I still don't think I want to be spreading it all over my face.

Keep an eye out for petrochemicals, which are derived from petroleum and synthetic dye. If the name, "petrochemicals" doesn't sound scary enough, let me tell you that these materials can get into your pores and irritate your skin.

Finally--something my mother tells me all the time--throw out old makeup! The bacteria in old makeup can cause those always inconveniently timed blemishes that get us scrambling for the concealer.

So whether you plan to do the usual daily touch ups and colour, go glam with a night time smokey eye, or go all out and rock the Queen of Hearts look (for extra special occassions only), take good care of your outer layer!