Fun Fitness!

WRITTEN BY  Margaret Peters- 02 February 2012

Forgetting that you’re doing exercise while exercising – now that’s fun!

Have you ever come across a form of fitness that was so awesome that you forgot you were doing exercise? You know what I’m talking about – the kind of exercise where at the end of it all, you realize that not once did you think about the fact that you were burning calories. Well, why not give yourself a break from the gym this weekend and pick up a past favourite exercise that’s so fun, you may have forgotten it’s exercise!

Having troubling thinking of a workout you found fun? Feel free to borrow one (or all!) of my personal favourites:

Hula hooping: Nope, it’s not just for middle-schoolers! Hula hooping can burn up to 400 to 600 calories an hour according to reports. And Bonus: You can do it anywhere!

Why it’s one of my favs: I can hula hoop while listening to music, watching TV or outside in my backyard! Plus, when I was younger, I believed myself to be somewhat of a hula hoop champion…it’s been hard to shake that feeling.

Rollerblading (a.k.a. Inline Skating):  According to (via, a 160 pound person can burn up to 913 calories while rollerblading for one hour!

Why it’s one of my favs: Although, I’m fairly awful at it – full safety gear is mandatory for me – I always forget that I’m exercising as I rollerblade (err….wobble) after my friends.

Team Sports: Now, I realize this one may take a bit more planning but team sports are a great way to get out there and exercise. A commitment to your teammates and coach will get you out to practice and games on days when maybe you would’ve skipped the gym. And, more often than not, you’ll be having so much fun once you get there, you won’t even remember why you wanted to go home and laze around on the couch!

Why it’s one of my favs: Being on a team provides fixed times for exercise, meaning your less likely to skip your workout that day. Also, playing on a team encourages competition which can push you to work ever harder than if you were exercising on your own. Finally, being on a team is social and fun – a great way to spend an hour or two every week!

Do you have any favourite forms of fun fitness? Tell us about it! I just may have to try it out…!