The Celadrin Tigerettes

Emma McLean
WRITTEN BY  Emma McLean- 26 September 2012

The Celadrin Tigerettes Love Basketball!

The Tigerettes are a group of woman that range in age from 60 to 70 and are united by their love of basketball. Proudly waving their white, orange and blue banner, the Tigerettes have won two gold medals in the Senior Olympics! 

After competing in a tournament they sometimes leave the court with stiff, sore joints and they proudly use and tout Celadrin to reduce pain, improve flexibility and mobility. Medically and clinically proven, Celadrin reduces inflammation and pain from joints quickly and safely.

Read more about the inspiring Tigerettes in the October issue of Oprah!

Team Webber Naturals at FHFF

WRITTEN BY  Margaret Peters- 10 August 2012

Check out how our team tore it up at this year's Five Hole for Food event in Vancouver!

For some of you, the Five Hole for Food (FHFF) tour may now be just a distant memory (especially for those of you who participated in the games on the East Coast). However, as we wanted to share the fun that we had at Vancouver's FHFF event (and we only recently acquired our photo coverage) we thought, "Better late than never!"

The day was almost three weeks ago exactly. The weather started off by being questionable at best (think looming, grey clouds) - however, by the time the corporate game that webber naturals was scheduled to play in rolled around, the sun was not only out, but shining.

Our team (including employees and their families) arrived one by one, each carrying several bags of food donations that we had collected from webber naturals employees. We then gathered round the FHFF Chevrolet that had driven the FHFF team across Canada and took a photo with CEO and founder, Richard Loat (see above, right picture!). And then, the game began!

The game lasted about an hour and was capped off with a shoot out. All in all, the day was just plain awesome.

We would like to congratulate FHFF for smashing through their goal of raising 100,000 pounds of food (they raised over 133,000 pounds!) and thank them for such a fun-filled day. We look forward to seeing you again in 2013!

Webber's Weekend Windup!

WRITTEN BY  Ana Patrícia- 03 August 2012

Hey Webber Fans! It's the weekend!

Here's our weekly round up of fun and informative links from the world wide web...

The London 2012 summer Olympics are well under way and if you've watched any of the events, you'll know that the Olympians come in all different shapes, sizes and builds. How do you match up to the athletes? Check out this cool comparison app on the BBC web page to see which Olympic sport you'd be most suited to!

Are you loving that wonderful veggie, kale? If not, BC Living gives you 20 reasons why you will!

It's August. Summer is at it's peak: the sun is shining, the air is balmy and the mosquitoes are buzzing and biting. Learn how to deal with and repel these insects naturally, without the harmful chemicals of spray repellents!

Need some motivation to exercise? Take a look at this fascinating muscle and age comparison between a triathlete and a sedentary person. We may not all become triathletes, but any movement is better than none at all!

Need a yummy breakfast idea for this weekend? Check out this avocado and eggs breakfast pizza! What a yummy and healthy way to power your summer weekend!

Have a fabulous summer weekend everyone!