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Dietary Cholesterol: Friend or Foe?

Should we still be avoiding cholesterol in foods? Research now shows that intake of dietary cholesterol from foods like eggs, shellfish, and even certain types of red meat has little or no impact on the level of cholesterol in the blood of most healthy individuals. Continue Reading

The Lowdown on Iron and Your Body

Iron is an essential nutrient that our bodies need to function properly. This mineral supports energy and focus, proper growth and development, and the production of brain neurotransmitters, and plays a role in immune system support. Continue Reading

Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating is about making dietary choices based on the quality of the food, with the goal of supporting normal growth and development, and maintaining and maximizing your health today for vibrant health in the future. Continue Reading

Eating Fish: What You Need to Know

The benefits of eating fish go far beyond their delicious flavours. Many varieties are sources of high-quality protein, antioxidants, vitamin D, minerals, and varying levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids – not to mention that fish is low in saturated fat. Continue Reading

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Probiotics and Anxiety

In today’s modern world, stress is a common part of life, with long-reaching, negative effects in all areas of health including that of the intestinal microbiota. Continue Reading

Benefits of Biotin: What You Need to Know

Have you heard of vitamin H? It’s another name for biotin, part of the B-vitamin complex (B7). But what exactly are the benefits of biotin? For starters, it’s essential for the maintenance of good health and plays key roles in metabolism and nail health. Continue Reading