We’re Radicle Climate Smart Certified

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Footprints in grass, representing carbon footprint.

Reducing our carbon footprint has been a top priority for us. As part of our ongoing eco-responsibility efforts, we began measuring our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with the help of Radicle in 2014. They are a Canadian-based company that helps businesses reduce their GHG emissions and overall carbon footprint.

We became Climate Smart certified for 2015-2018 by undergoing Radicle’s Climate Smart program which includes training, completing an inventory of our GHG emissions, and developing an action plan to reduce our emissions.

Radicle helped us identify the actions we could take to reach our sustainability goals, and developed an emissions strategy that included long, medium, and short-term goals. 

Some of the highlights of our partnership with Radicle include:

  • Diverting approximately 1000 tons of waste from landfills in 2020. We also switched to a waste contractor that was able to divert 95% of manufacturing waste by grinding the material and turning it into soil and animal feed.
  • Installing soft plastic balers to condense the large amounts of cellophane wrapping we receive to make it easier for waste recyclers to collect.
  • We are proud to manufacture our own softgels so we can ensure the highest quality. During production, we’ve arranged to sell as much of the excess softgel casing (known as clear netting) as possible for use in non-food applications.
  • By transitioning away from air freight, we’ve reduced our carbon emissions when delivering our products to stores. Today, 99.5% of our shipments across the country are delivered by trucks instead of airplanes.
  • We’ve improved our energy efficiency in our buildings and facilities by switching to more efficient lighting and equipment.

Becoming Climate Smart certified was a milestone and we love that we’re working with another Canadian owned and operated business to recognize, acknowledge and mitigate our emissions.

Learn more about our other eco-responsibility initiatives on our blog and read the blogs below to find out what we’ve been up to.

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