Triple Berry Smoothie Recipe

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Triple Berry Smoothie Recipe

Berries are a classic ingredient to add to any smoothie. Not only do they add some sweetness to your drink, but they are also packed with antioxidants and fibre. With three different types of berries and a scoop of All Greens Superfood Powder, here’s a smoothie recipe that’s packed with vitamins and nutrients. 


  • ½ cup of frozen blueberries
  • ½ cup frozen blackberries
  • ½ cup frozen raspberries
  • ½ cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup coconut milk or water (or liquid of your choice)
  • ½ avocado (optional)
  • 1 rounded scoop of All Greens Superfood Powder
  • Optional – 2 tsp chia, hemp or flaxseeds


  1. Add ingredients to the blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Enjoy!
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