Are our Bottles Recyclable?

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How Recycling is Woven into Everything We Do 

Here at Webber Naturals, one of our core values is to be good stewards of the environment. In fact, it’s one of our guiding principles and the reason we continue to look for ways to improve and take on new eco-responsibility initiatives. Most recently, we proudly became a carbon-neutral company! This means we’ve achieved a net balance of zero carbon-dioxide emissions by offsetting our total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions footprint. To learn more, read our blog Environmental Stewardship: Our Next Big Move

Other initiatives close to our heart include energy conservation by using hydroelectricity and natural gas, as well as conserving energy through lighting retrofits.  

Where we can’t reuse or compost, we continuously search for recycling opportunities. One of the biggest ways we take on eco-responsibility is through our Sustainable Materials Management Program (SMM), where we evaluate the materials flowing through our facilities and identify recycling opportunities. Through this, we have increased our recycled-material diversion rate from 64% in 2016 to 87% in 2020. 

We’ve also identified ways to repurpose our softgel waste. We provide our gel waste to manufacturers for use as adhesives in non-food applications, and more recently, we began composting our gel waste. We divert 1,080 metric tons of waste gel a year from landfill to composting. 

Recycling is an initiative that’s very important to us, and one that we consider throughout all stages of production. We also want to ensure that our products do not contribute to landfills when you are finished with them. 

How you can tell that our bottles are recyclable  

Did you know that our bottles are recyclable? When it comes to the packaging of our products that ultimately end up in your cabinets, we’ve taken important steps to ensure that our containers can be recycled. This means funding recycling programs across Canada to ensure our bottles are accepted in most municipal recycling programs. 

Webber Naturals bottles’ recycling codes

There’s an easy way to identify how to dispose of any container you use. Most containers, if recyclable, will have a recycling symbol. When you look at the bottom of our bottles, you’ll see a recycling symbol with either “PET #1” or “HDPE #2” written under or inside of it. These recycling codes indicate the types of plastic (either polyethylene terephthalate or high-density polyethylene), both of which are easily recyclable and accepted in almost all curbside recycling programs.  

These plastics are either turned into fabrics such as polyester, recycled into post-consumer resin (PCR), or recycled into new containers.  

There are also many great ways to reuse your empty vitamin and supplement bottles, but know that there is always the option to recycle with your local blue bin program. We take pride in making sure that our bottles are recyclable, so you can have peace of mind that your empty Webber Naturals bottles aren’t contributing to landfills.

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