What is IVO™?


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Webber Naturals Omega-3s are IVO verified

Our top priority is to provide the highest quality vitamins, minerals, and supplements for you and your family. This means ensuring that every product is safe, of the highest potency, and tested to exceed international standards. 

Our omega-3 supplements are not only of the highest quality, but they are also sustainably sourced. We’ve taken the extra step of having our products tested and certified by IVO (International Verified Omega-3TM), an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing your confidence in the quality of omega-3s you purchase. 

The IVO seal helps you identify and select the best omega-3s for your health, with the assurance that they meet the highest standards in the world for purity and potency. The seal also ensures that the omega-3s are sourced responsibly and sustainably to protect fish populations and their habitats around the world.  

This is what we want for you and your family–the purest, safest, and most environmentally friendly omega-3 products available.  


To become IVO certified, omega-3s must come from marine sources that live in pristine, cold-water habitats. This environment ensures the omega-3s are already low in contaminants. However, they must undergo purification through a process called molecular distillation.  

Our omega-3 oils are tested for over 500 contaminants. Both the oils and softgels must be manufactured without harmful chemicals. IVO-certified oils must pass all quality checks at the source during manufacturing and labelling to ensure that freshness is maintained from sea to bottle.  

IVO-certified products are guaranteed to contain the freshest of oils, as they are processed using manufacturing techniques such as enzymatic or oxygen-free processing. Learn more about IVO’s testing practices on their website. 


Products with the IVO seal must test to the highest quality standards possible for omega-3 EPA/DHA. The raw product is tested, and the product in the bottle is retested to verify that the concentration of EPA to DHA is of equal or greater potency than what is stated on the label. 

We place high standards on our products, and the IVO certification reflects that. All our omega-3 products have the IVO seal, giving you peace of mind that they are the best on the market. 


IVO-certified products give you peace of mind that what you are taking is good for your health, and not at the expense of the environment.  

IVO-certified products use wild-caught, approved, and regulated marine sources. This also means that all the fishing practices followed are regulated to prevent over-fishing, accidental catching of unintended species, and damage to the ecosystem. 

To take it a step further, these marine sources are also processed in facilities that must conserve energy and minimize pollution. 

Learn about our other certifications, such as Friend of the Sea®, on our blog or read the blogs below to learn about our other eco-responsibility initiatives.

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